Saturday, January 17, 2015

Beyond the story of one

From the time my son was born, I kept a blog to chronicle our journey together. Looking back, the entries describing his language development, activities and observations, our move to the Old Country and back, and more are precious. Without them, my memory of raising him would be nothing but a blur.

When my boy turned five and his dad and I divorced, my blogging eventually slowed to a halt. Facebook took over as my primary mode of communicating with friends and family. But facebook lacks the more focused nature of a blog. And archiving, searching and sorting there is a non-existent option.

I want to give my daughter and soon-to-be born youngest son the same gift that I was able to give my oldest; an archive of thoughts that honor them in a special way. I called my first blog Adventures with Jonah. Its URL began with storyofjonah. The url of this new blog begins with storyofmore.

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