Sunday, April 19, 2015

Mommy got away

Mommy--yes, that would be me-- finally had her first moment away from the kids in about a month (since the birth of our youngest). Yay, Mommy got to leave the house by herself! This was a big deal since for the last four weeks I have been eating, sleeping, and even going to the bathroom with at least one, and sometimes all three of my children. Daddy who's been busy working at his newly opened business gave me a break for a couple of hours. And where did Mommy go, you may wonder? She went to the store to shop... guess for who? The kids. So in my brain, it was still all about the kids. Being home with little ones can get extra isolating, so I chose to go mingle with the populace. Since our cars are pretty much done for, I took the city bus to our "neighborhood" supermarket which reminds me that Americans like to live large, and America likes to spread that love of things large around the world. The size of this supermarket was unheard of in the Old Country back when I was a kid, but American-style supermarkets have made their way there. Still; just look at this place. Isn't it just crazy giant? And this is only a quarter of the space. No wonder it always takes forever just to get the basics there. I got the kids some clothes, got myself a frothy iced beverage, and made my way home. Really all I actually wanted to do was take an extra long nap. But the day when I sleep again will come. Hope my brain continues to make sane decisions on so little sleep.

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