Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Birth story

My youngest was born in March, nine days before his due date. The process closely mirrored that of his sister who is twenty-one-months older than he. My water broke, not dramatically, but in a "trickly" fashion. At first they sent me home from the hospital where they did tests which did not turn up a sign of amniotic fluid, perhaps because the baby's head was blocking the opening at the time. But my water continued to trickle out throughout the night. The next day my doctor confirmed this and sent me back to the hospital where they induced me with pitocin, starting at 5 pm. Like all three of my previous births, I requested for this one to be unmedicated. By 8:30 pm I was in full labor, and by 10:35 pm baby Solomon was born with just a couple of pushes. The birth itself was so quick that my recovery period was significantly shorter this time which is a good thing considering I have a toddler running about who requires a lot of my attention and reassurance. We are still adjusting to this new reality. It's a lot to juggle. When we get into a groove, I will let you know. Welcome to the family, Solomon.

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